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Special Issues on Dynamic Energy Budget theory

We are organising a new Virtual Special Issue (VSI) in the peer reviewed journal Ecological Modelling on new advances and applications in the Dynamic Energy Budget theory linked to the 2023 International Symposium and School.

Guest Editors are:  Romain Lavaud (managing editor), Starrlight Augustine, Konstadia Lika, Tin Klanjšček, Ramón Filgueira.

The provisional themed title of the VSI is "Metabolic Organisation across Scales of Space and Time".

As we enter the anthropocene and are now crossing dangerous planetary boundaries, numerical modelling is a critical tool that scientists, managers, and stakeholders need to assess the effects of these changes. Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) theory allows building families of related models that are rooted in a mechanistic description of the individual metabolic processes, which is crucial to connecting functional traits to predictive variables, therefore, ensuring the adaptability of models to changing conditions. This virtual special issue calls for studies including the latest advances applying DEB theory to real world problems, including new theoretical advances of the theory.

The VSI also welcomes critical views on the theory, as well as contributions outside of what is presented at this 8th International Symposium on DEB theory.


  • The date the submission portal is open and available for submissions: 1st September 2023
  • Final Manuscript Submission Deadline: February 1st 2024  (this corresponds to the date by which all manuscripts should have been submitted to the Guest Editors for evaluation )
  • Editorial Acceptance Deadline: June 1st 2024 (this corresponds to the date by which all manuscripts should be fully reviewed, and all final decisions have been made)

Instructions for submission:

The submission website for this journal is located at: https://www.editorialmanager.com/ecomod/default1.aspx. To ensure that all manuscripts are correctly identified for inclusion into the special issue, it is important that authors select VSI:DEB2023 when they reach the Article Type step in the submission process.

There were eight previous Special Issues on DEB theory:

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Virtual special issue on 40 years of DEB: Metabolic organization in ecological modelling - Journal of Ecological Modelling (2020)

Ecosystem-based management and the biosphere: A new phase in DEB research - Journal of Sea Research 143 (2017)

Dynamic Energy Budget theory: applications in marine sciences and fishery biology - Journal of Sea Research 94 (2014)

The AquaDEB project (phase II): what we've learned from applying the Dynamic Energy Budget theory on aquatic organisms - Journal of Sea Research 65 (2011) issue 1

Developments in dynamic energy budget theory and its applications - Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society (2010)

Metabolic organization: 30 years of DEB applications and developments - Journal of Sea Research 62 (2009) issue 2,3

Dynamic Energy Budgets in Bivalves - Journal of Sea Research 56 (2006) issue 2

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