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8th International Symposium on Dynamic Energy Budget theory (June 14 - June 16 2023)

The DEB2023 International Symposium unites a multi-disciplinary audience interested in the further development and application of Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) theory in the context of ecosystem-based approaches to managing resources of system earth. DEB theory is a set of coherent assumptions from which mathematical models follow for the study of metabolic organization at the individual level and the interaction with a varying environment.

The DEB symposia are international researcher conferences arranged on a regular basis in different countries, and for the first time (physically) in North America in 2023. They are hosted by different nodes of the DEBnet: an international network of experts on Dynamic Energy Budgets.

The theme of the 2023 is 'Metabolic organization across scales of space and time'. As we enter the anthropocene and are now crossing dangerous planetary boundaries, numerical modelling is a tool on the rise for scientists, managers, and stakeholders. DEB theory allows building families of related models that are rooted in a mechanistic description of the individual metabolic processes, which is crucial to connecting functional traits to predictive variables, therefore, ensuring the adaptability of models to changing conditions. All applications of models come with the need to assess parameter values. Many applications of DEB theory demonstrated the capacity to extract meaningful parameters from data and been used to inform decision making. This symposium will include the latest advances of this field of research and contribute to new cutting edge, cross disciplinary developments.

This symposium aims at:

  • Mixing researchers in biology, mathematics, engineering, chemistry, and physics to solve biological/ecological problems.
  • Introducing new challenging problems where mathematical analysis is used for solving ecological questions.
  • Stimulating biological research in physics style, using explicit mechanistic assumptions, rather than descriptions and to think about implications of these assumptions for new situations (which were possibly never studied before).
  • Creating a platform for lectures who followed a previous DEB course to present results they obtained since then, but orals will not be constrained by this.
  • Bringing in fresh ideas into the DEB community by inviting some keynote speakers outside the DEB community.
  • Maximizing the broadness of scope of DEB applications via a selection of oral presentations, and offering this to participants of the DEB course by integrating the symposium into the course. The international school and the tele-couse are organized directly prior to the symposium.

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