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The DEB2023 Tele-course (Mar 22 - May 03, 2023), is a special edition of an annual online course (debX) on modeling metabolism for organisms using Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) theory and organized by Técnico Lisbon. It is open to everyone that wants to learn about DEB theory, where biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics all come together. The course will be composed of video lectures, quizzes and a discussion board where you are invited to discuss the concepts that are presented in the lectures and topics that are closely associated.

Over the course of each week, we encourage all participants to contribute to the discussion board. In the material section, we make available a list of additional resources including websites, books and papers.

We encourage participants to form local study groups. Discussions with a group or course members can serve a number of functions. Apart from being entertaining, it can help you to understand specifc concepts or find solutions to a question about the theory. Don’t be shy! You will meet (via the discussion board) many interesting researchers and students applying DEB in their own work. So be curious, ask questions and get inspired!

In this debX edition, an online evaluation will be done through quizzes. To get a participation certificate you will need to answer the quizzes and get at least 60% correct.

Interested in the full school and/or need information? Feel free to write to us and ask.

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