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We're excited to welcome in beautiful Louisiana! Below is some practical information about transportation, accomodation options, good food locations, poster printing, and some tips about the (hot) weather.


The DEB2023 Symposium will be held on the campus of Louisiana State University, in the amphitheatre of the Biological Sciences building.

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Flying to and from Baton Rouge airport, the easiest is to take a taxi or rideshare. Public transportation exist but is not very convenient nor reliable. Hotel shuttle may exist depending on where you stay. Please check the airport's webpage for transportation for more information (link here).

Flying to and from New Orleans is possible, Baton Rouge is about an hour away. However, the price difference might not be so big especially since you will probably need to go to the center of New Orleans first to then take a bus to Baton Rouge (e.g., Greyhound). You may have to call a taxi to reach your final destination (hotel, campus) anyway. You can also look for a (potentially pricy) ride between the airport and Baton Rouge via Uber, Lyft, Taxi, Fetii Van, or a private vehicle or shuttle (more info here).

If you will be driving to the LSU campus, you can find public parking spots on the LSU parking app (link here).


The two most convenient options for lodging are the student residences (where the school participants and teachers will stay) and the Cook hotel, both located on campus. Other options are available South (Sonesta ES Suites) and Northeast of the campus (Marriott, DoubleTree, Crowne Plaze, Hampton Inn, etc.), but you may need a car/taxi or a bus to get to the location of the conference.

If you wish to stay in a room at the student residence during the symposium, please reach out to Availability will be limited. The rate for a room is $100/night. There are two rooms per apartment with a shared bathroom (you only will have access to your room).

Where to eat?

Lunch is included in your registration fee (both for Symposium only and School+Symposium attendees). Lunch will be served at the LSU faculty club just a short walking distance from the Symposium auditorium (<5 min).

For dinner, many good options exist around the campus:

Also, highly recommended is a cooling ice cream from the LSU AgCenter's dairy store, right on campus (closes at 4 pm).

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