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Pre-course work:

Send a photo to (so we can associate faces to names of all of us and we will skip introductory rounds on site). Install the software and software packages (see list below). Make sure it works. You can check that all wroks by following these instructions.

Create GitHub account and send GitHub name to

Prepare a discussion topic (0.5 A4). The topic preferably relates to potential DEB applications in your own research, where you can pose questions about problems that you expect to meet in such applications. Send to

Prepare and gather together physiological data on a given animal species you wish to work with. To prepare yourself for the intensive training and have some overview on the data recquired: read and follow the instructions on this page:

All course documents and information related to the practical course are available on the school pages > Planning and Content. The course document is regularily revised, so always consult the latest one. Read who your fellow participants are, their discussion topics, which species they are working with. 

Computer/Software that you will need:

If you don't have a Matlab license, there are three viable options:

  • Download the free 30-day trial version from Organize it so that these 30 days include the school period.
  • Buy the Student version of Matlab if you are a student at a university. The student version apparently has all the capabilities of Matlab and is cheap ($49 excl. taxes for the basic program).
  • Buy a home-version for € 119 (this is compatible with both DEBtool_M and AmPtool)



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